• Sjaella (eng)

    Foto von Lara Müller

    The name Sjaella comes from a Scandinavian word meaning “soul”, and the young women who make up this group give voice to their soul by singing together. They have been fascinating audiences since 2005 with their crystal clear a capella singing, which cuts across eras and styles.

    Sjaella offers music of the highest quality, with a long string of popular and critically acclaimed concerts behind them, as well as prizes in national and international competitions. These include1st Prize at Finland Tampereen Sävel Contest 2015 (Acoustic ensembles), 1st Prize at International A Cappella Contest Leipzig 2015, 1st Prize in the National A Capella Contest 2010 (Germany) and 1st Prize in the Classical category of the Ward Swingle Award at the vokal.total International A Capella Competition 2010 in Graz (Austria).

    It was not long before they signed a recording contract, and their debut CD, “Sjaella”, was produced in 2011 on “querstand”. Further releases followed, such as “Preisung” (Praise) – a selection of contemporary sacred vocal music including dedicated pieces, which also came out on “querstand” (2014) and 2018 Meridiane NORD. This CDs have been nominated for the “Price Deutsche Schallplattenkritik“, and the Meridiane NORD won CARA 2019 as Best Folk/World Album and has been nominated for OPUS KLASSIK 2019.

    Sjaella has a hugely varied repertoire, ranging from sacred music to pop arrangements, jazz standards and their own compositions, which they showcase at around 50 concerts a year in Germany and abroad. They have appeared at many classical music festivals (Rheingau Music Festival, Mosel Music Festival, Bachfest Leipzig e.g.) and they are making an increasing number of radio and television appearances. Despite the young age of the six singers who make up Sjaella, the group has become an established presence on the classical music scene. The ensemble has an impressive natural charm, along with a clear, even harmony that they have cultivated since childhood.

    www.sjaella.de www.sjaella.de

    Hörbeispiele auf sjaella.de

    Sjaella auf Youtube: “Northern Lights (Ola Gjeilo)”

    Sjaella auf Youtube: “Origins [music samples]“

  • German Gents (eng)

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    German Gents is an a cappella ensemble from Berlin. They were founded in the year 2018 by students of Universität der Künste and Staats- und Domchor Berlin. The group consists of the two tenors Thoma Wutz and Armin Horn, the baritone Raphael Riebesell and the bass Marcel Raschke.
    The quartet performs sacred and secular pieces from the Romantic period as well as German Folk songs, modern pieces, Barbershop Quartet Music and self-arranged classics and spirituals from the last centuries.

    In 2019 they participated at the International a cappella Contest Leipzig and won the first price. Since then, the ensemble sung at the festival Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and in multiple other places, including Hannover and Berlin. They are invited to sing several concerts across Germany, for example at classic-festivals such as Rheingau Musik Festival, Musica Bayreuth as well as Bachfest Leipzig.

    From the very beginning all members shared an affection to classical music and enjoy singing together.


    Hörbeispiele auf german-gents.de

    German Gents auf Youtube: “Mit ‘nem Kuss vor der Haustür fing’s an – Konzerthaus Berlin 2021“

    German Gents auf Youtube: “Veronika, der Lenz ist da“

  • SLIXS (eng)



    SLIXS are turning A Cappella listening habits on their head. With a powerful and daring mixture of Jazz, Pop and Funk, Classical and World Music – what they call the Vocal Bastard – these six multitalented voices have rocked audiences at concerts across Europe and Asia.

    The SLIXS members all share the same unique musical ambition: to plumb the depths of the human voice. Such is the way how a listener is carried off into this paradise of tone colours, soundscapes and vocal percussion. After landing, he is simply astounded by the quality of the songs themselves and enjoys a very subtle feeling for groove…These singing artists create a particular sound that even drops the jaws of a cappella masters: Before his death, a captivated Ward Swingle, founder of the legendary Swingle Singers, praised the band saying, “Your style is unique,” while King’s Singer, Gabriel Crouch, named SLIXS “better than any group (he’s) ever heard!”

    And before Bobby McFerrin took them to a common European tour, he once said „I’ve never heard these tunes so funky“. Not only that but also its extensive international acclaim makes this sextet currently one of the best vocal bands in the world. Their artistic daringness and thirst for innovation were already honored with some of the world’s highest awards for vocal art, including Best Jazz Song of the Year 2008 and Best Folk/World Song of the Year 2013 at the CARA’s (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards). In 2006, they already have been a two-time audience winner at the International A Cappella Competition in Graz (A) and since then, on tour in an unchanged band constellation.

    www.slixs.info www.slixs.info

    SLIXS auf Youtube: “SLIXS – QUER BACH”

  • Mirror Strings (eng)

    Mirror Strings

    We are the sound of constant change feat. two guitars and two cellos.

    Two guitars merge with two cellos and create a yet unheard-of diversity of colours and sound.. This line-up is unique, and with it also the repertoire. MIRROR STRINGS is always searching for outstanding pieces – due to their own arrangements which the musicians write to precisely match their requirements, the music resounds in a refreshing and energetic way. This new ensemble has the big opportunity to create a new language and a unique musical experience, released from old patterns and conventions.


    Aktuelle CD “Dedication”

    Mirror Strings auf Youtube: “A New Sound [Edvard Grieg: Holberg Suite, Op. 40]”

    Mirror Strings auf Youtube: “Quartett 7 by Tilman Hübner | Open Strings Berlin”

  • QUARTONAL (eng)

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    Quartonal began its roots in Northern Germany in the Uetersen Boy’s Choir and is currently one of the most sought-after vocal ensembles in Germany. The four young singers, Mirko Ludwig (Tenor), Jo Holzwarth (Tenor), Christoph Behm (Baritone) and Sönke Tams Freier (Bass), charm their audiences with their vast repertoire, attention to the smallest musical detail and refreshing witticism. Their trademark is their acutely harmonious sound that transcends every musical genre.

    Shortly after the formation of the ensemble in 2006, Quartonal won first place at the German National Choir Competition (Dortmund) in the Vocal Ensemble category. Since then they have won multiple prizes in various international competitions.

    The ensemble continues to perform throughout Europe, as well as Taiwan and China. The four singers are frequently invited to perform at festivals such as the Schleswig- Holstein Musik Festival, Musikfest Stuttgart, Rheingau Musik Festival and MDR Musiksommer.

    The repertoire of the ensemble covers a large part of the spectrum of the international a cappella literature: Renaissance Madrigales, sacred and secular men’s choral works of the romantic period to contemporary compositions, international folk songs, while specializing in German and low German folk songs. In addition, they pride themselves with performing new compositions and arrangements. Quartonal collaborates with international renowned composers and arrangers. They have also received artistic direction from the King’s Singers.

    In 2013 Quartonal debuted their album Another Way with Sony Classical. The album incorporates music by English composers of the 20th and 21st century.

    Everytime, Quartonal’s second album with Sony Classical (2017), presents a collection of international pop and folksongs.

    Quartonal also gives workshops around the world for choirs, vocal ensembles and conductors.

    QUARTONAL auf Youtube: “Quartonal – Live in Concert”

  • Anna-Maria Hefele (eng)

    Anna-Maria Hefele
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    Anna-Maria Hefele – holding a master of arts (MA) from Mozarteum Salzburg – is a multiinstrumentalist, singer and overtone singer; performing worldwide as soloist with different ensembles, choirs and orchestras. She is also frequently integrated in contemporary ballett, circus and dance theatre productions.In order to expand the musical repertoire involving overtone singing, Anna-Maria collaborates with contemporary composers who are writing for this particular vocal technique where it seems like one person is singing two notes at the same time by filtering and amplifying the natural harmonics in the human voice.Her YouTube video „polyphonic overtone singing“ became viral and has resulted in more than 19million views so far, followed by regular appearances of Anna-Maria in various international television shows and radio broadcasts. „A voice as from another world“, „the lady with the two voices“, „polyphonic vocalist does the impossible“ – these and other headlines have spread across the world.



    Anna-Maria Hefele auf Youtube: “Andesana | polyphonic overtone singing – Anna-Maria Hefele”

    Anna-Maria Hefele auf Youtube: “AMA SOLO – Anna-Maria Hefele live in concert with voice & instruments”

    Anna-Maria Hefele auf Youtube: “The Lady & The Cat – Bitte Erschieß Deine Gattin”