Jana-Maria Eberhardt

The foundation of our work is based on our close personal contacts with organisers and our exceptional knowledge relating to the artistic needs of our clients. We are therefore in a privileged position to ensure that our artists are well-represented.

We are able to book performance dates, look after all back office matters, offer bespoke PR solutions for media relations, as well as enter negotiations with record labels.

Ours is an agency with a vision: career planning is done on an individual basis and with a sense of empathy based on the specific needs of each artist. This is what the eberhardt konzertagentur believes in: in order to guarantee success in all stages of an artist’s career, they need support which is tailored specifically to their requirements.

eberhardt konzertagentur‘s main responsibility has been to manage the vocal ensemble Sjaella – who it has worked with for many years, since the ensemble’s creation. We have grown together, successfully bringing Sjaella to the forefront of the A cappella scene.